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Sorry I just couldn't see your posts anymore.


weird. Anyways, sorry. I'll try and find a good sorry meme/gif. Now, LGBOT.


Sorry about dat mess


(We Really Should Get Back On Topic Right Now)


Poke. I have a poll idea. Time zones! But I don't really know them. So, I'll put this on global edit, and you put time zones you know below. This poll can't be in the main article, since you can't delete, add, or edit t polls after the first 5 minutes.


@Kitkat26 can you please take over this since I'm leavin.g?


You should tag the mods. They can edit polls.


Guys, since GreenBanana left, I will take over. We will get everything sorted out and start up again on Friday, bc I have a very busy week. If you are in this and see this please comment. If you would like to join, please comment also.



Can we continue this?


I was doing it, but like nobody wanted to join and I got busy


I think I'm going to start this again? Maybe? Just tell me if your interested in helping me with it.


Sure, if your willing to do it. We might have to start over with it. : /


This seems like a cool topic. Can I start my own?


Yah, Iā€™m cool with it.