Hopscotch Newsletter!



Your welcome!!!


Sorry I didn't reply earlier, here's the post. c:


You are accepted! @RubyStars and you can do both


Ok, thanks! :D


@TheGreenBanana I'm not sure if you saw but @HopedHoper and I were thinking maybe we could do an article on the update coming up. What do you think about that?


That would be great! :smiley:


I'll interview a THT member.


I updated this, in case anyone was curious.


I love this idea! :slight_smile:
How often do you update?
Thanks for inviting me!


I'll update whenever! :smiley: :D(off topic but do you know how to make :D or :) without making it turn into emoji?)


Yes! I can teach you!
You can put whatever text in the <>, but I use hi.
Do it like this, and with :) and whateve either emoticons you want!


:D cool, thanks! NLGBOT


Username PUT GUT
Job: reporter I guess
Trust level:idk


This is kind of like the hopscotch builletin. But of course, since its made by someone more popular than me, it gets wayyyyy more apreciation than I do.


I really would like people to stop ignoring me.


Don't say that! It's not true! I didn't see that and couldn't find anything similar, so I made this! Who ignores you?


Okay well then I will give you the link



But in newspapers there is usally updates, and of course news. The bulliten is where you can post updates, advertisments and stuff, which is technically news so


So many things that end with BOT that mean "get back on topic" xD
Does the N stand for Now?