Hopscotch Newsletter!




Accepted! @codingkit


Accepted! @KawaiiRose can you do both? If not then the writing one.


Umm... Can you come up with them? @Kitkat26


This sounds cool! Can I join? :D

Username: RubyStars
Job: Editor/Photographer. (If I can go both, that's great. If not, I'll just be an Editor.)
Will you be agreeable: Yep!
What is your trust level: Regular
Age: I'm in Middle school. :D


Username: KoolM123
Job: article searcher or editor ( I can do any of those)
Will you be agreeable: Yup
What is your trust level: Member


@TheGreenBanana did u c this?


I'm redoing my application because I got Member.

Username: @ThePickle on the forum and The Pickle HC on Hopscotch
Job: Interviewer
Will you be agreeable: Ok!
What is your trust level: MEMBER!!


I see it. U r accepted.


@ThePickle is accepted! I'm not taking any more interviewers!


Ok! I'm getting off now, so I can't do any interviews right now. I'll come back on later.


@hopedhoper @kitkat26 -@Niftynia75 @codingkit @JaggedJeans @KawaiiRose @thepickle @TheRealBlah are accepted!






Why am I not accepted?
:frowning: I'll go somewhere else even know I made a good idea for a newsletter


Thank you so much! ;u;


Vsorry, @HopedHoper! I missed you! :frowning:


Yay! Can you accept @HopedHoper?


I asked for you to be accepted!


He is accepted!