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On this, I will post Hopscotch/Forum news. You can request advertisements. Just post below.

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The Hopscotch Newsletter needs staff!

So, have you ever wanted to write a newspaper? Find the action? You could help me! I stink at writing, don't I? Anyway, fill out this form!

Will you be agreeable:
What is your trust level:

Ad: @Maltese, @BananaDog, @Malie, and @smishsmash for leader!

BananaDog's Interview

Bananadog is a very fun, polite, coder who didn't start out great, but she has come a long way.

@bananadog thank you for being here today. Let's start with the first question. So we know that you have a great style of coding and you like to make many different projects. How would you describe your coding style?

I'd say my style is organized and pretty simple. I don't like to use very complex math in my projects, but it works out in the end.

I don't like using emojis, only if needed, so my projects look clean and original.
I like having distinct "scenes" in my games, it helps me organize and plan better. :smiley:
In trail art, the more simple the better!
I don't over complicate, but instead take time before I start to figure out ways to code the most efficiently and smoothly.

Nice answer! That is a very simple way to put it. Next question.
When it comes to coding what are your strengths and weaknesses?

I must say that my weakness is 'not giving it my all', because coding can get really tedious, and sometimes I just don't have the patience. I could probably do a lot better with some projects, but don't make them as best as I could because after spending more than a month on a project, I sort of get bored, and I also don't have the time XD

My strength, I think, is my attention to detail! I'm a perfectionist, so if I find any tiny errors or bugs in my projects, I work them out as soon as I can. Sometimes, it's these tiny bugs that take the longest to get rid of, but it's worth it. I can't stand a bug that I know I can fix, so I work on it right away XD

Okay. One more question. How do you think you have progressed from when you first started coding until now?

When I first started, I used a simple trail art background (one giant dot), emojis as characters, and my games weren't really the best! And now, I can make decent trail arts, create my own characters using blocks and text, and I've gotten four features! I really think I've come a long way. It really shows that anyone can do anything . :smiley:
I started with zero knowledge on Hopscotch, having only watched a video, and then created my first game! It was suuuuper simple, and that was using my complete knowledge of Hopscotch. Now I think I can make almost anything! Now, the skills in Hopscotch I've picked up over time will allow me to make nearly anything I want in Hopscotch! :smiley:

Reporting by Kitkat26, Interviewer





i need screen shots of the pictures on projects!!!!


Can I be like a interviewer where I interview people then write an article about it?


Sure! @Kitkat26 ....


I think it would be awesome to have pictures. It won't turn into a social media website. That's what Instagram and snapchat are for


Username: Kitkat26​:joy::purple_heart:
Job: Interviewer
Will you be agreeable: Yep
What is your trust level: Regular
Are you under age 10: Nope. 11 years 10 months.

One question @TheGreenBanana how often will we be publishing the newspaper?


I'm not sure... Maybe every other day if possible. If not... Once aweek.


Username: @ThePickle on the forum, The Pickle HC on Hopscotch
Job: What jobs are available?
Will you be agreeable: I need more information
What is your trust level: Basic user
Are you under age 10: No


Job: Editor
Will you be agreeable: Yeah!
What is your trust level: Regular
Are you under age 10?: I'm 10 turning 11 in October but why does it matter?


@TheGreenBanana why does age matter? An 8 year old can be just as smart as a 15 year old


It doesn't... I couldn't think of any think to add. I'll remove age.


You can be a writer or a article searcher.


@Kitkat26 you are accepted. @Niftynia75 is also accepted.


@TheGreenBanana what does article searcher mean?


@TheGreenBanana, I want to know too!


Well, I'm not good at giving things names. It means that you look for good stories. A reporter, I guess. I don't know what the definition of reporter is. I really need to go back to school.


Username: codingkit
Job: article searcher
Will you be agreeable: yes
What is your trust level: member (level 2)


Ok, I'll be an interviewer.


I made a newspaper about 2 weeks ago