Hopscotch Newsletter (Take 2)


Hey guys!
So I am continuing the Hopscotch Newsletter because as you know GreenBanana left, so she asked me to take to over. Here are some important things to know:
- We will be publishing weekly on Friday.
- You will all have jobs to work on
- If you for some reason cannot do your article or job, please let me know, and I will excuse you, otherwise I will assume you are working

You can also request ads, even if you don't work here!!

Okay let's get going with jobs....
Me- Kitkat26: Interviewer
@Niftynia75- Editor
@codingkit- Reporter
@HopedHoper- Reporter
@JaggedJeans- Interviewer and Reporter
@KawaiiRose- Reporter
@TheRealBlah- Financial Advisor
( what is that)
@RubyStars- Editor
@KoolM123- Reporter and Editor
@ThePickle- Interviewer
@MiiR_legend- Reporter
@PUT_GUT- Reporter
@AwesomeNachos- Editor
@Explorer_ Reporter
##If you can no longer do this, or would like to change your job, please let me know ASAP!!

Here are all the jobs explained for you:


Interviewers will interview Forum users of their choice on the Talk to A Hopscotcher topic. You will come up with your own questions and report back to me with your article, with correct spelling. Editors will not check these.


Editors will edit the Reporters news stories. Editors will be paired up with a Reporter and it will be your responsibility to report back to me with the edited article. Here are the pairs:
NiftyNia and CodingKit
Hoped Hoper and RubyStars
JaggedJeans and KoolM123 ( as a editor)
KawaiiRose and Awesome Nachos
KoolM123 ( as a reporter) and AngiDrawings
PUT GUT and Me
Explorer and Me


You will be covering current news stories either on the Forum or Hopscotch. You also will either have me or an editor editing your work, so be sure to view the editor drop down. It is your responsibility to get your article written on time so your editor has enough time to edit it and turn it in.

Important Stuff: We will publish every week on Sunday. If you decide to quit please notify me. Anyways if you have any questions feel free to join.
Also, we are taking anyone who wants to join!




Can I have an ad for my new game


Sure. Go ahead and tell me what you want to put.


My latest game called Atmoic Protector https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y88xmnc7i I think this is it


I manage the money.


Can I have an add for my new group called artistsraw101


Sure. Tell me what you want to put.


I would love you to put in anyone can join because we need coders artists anything and that if you would like to join go on the forum and look for me and join on the forum topic!


Awesome! @codingkit I'm really excited to be working with you! I can't wait!


I want to be an editor!


Hi @Kitkat26! Can I join?


Okay. Great! @AwesomeNachos you are accepted!! You will be working with KawaiiRose to edit her articles. @KawaiiRose your new partner is Awesome Nachos.

@Explorer_ what position do you want??


Can I be a reporter @Kitkat26?


BTW @Kitkat26, sorry about this, but here are some questions:
How do you publish the news letter?
Can I put in an add?


Are you on @Kitkat26?


Hi @KawaiiRose!


hai frenpai! wanna chat somewhere else? sorry for the interruption


It's ok, wanna talk on my general topic?