HOPSCOTCH NEWS! (What's up, Hopscotch?)



This is an original idea that will yell people about the cool projects on hopscotch! (If you want to be added, comment your HS username and who you want to be.)

Breaking NEWS( featured )


That's all for right now! Comment if you can do it.

HW - News: EMERGENCY member meeting

I wasn't featured, what are you talking about?


why my name there? :0


It's because you guys are going to help me see the featured projects on hs


You da best! Literally! You would be a good newscaster cause u are everywhere!

KVJ is [totally not] everywhere!

@IKeudin would you like to join as a weather man?




I'll explain later. I promise.



@IKeudin I really want u to be a part of dis! Please reply :frowning:.


Why is my name there?


You are telling the newest posts. Can u tell @IKeudin cause I can't find him?


I'd love to help! :blush:
I'd love to be part of the Weather Team if that's ok!


I don't remember signing up for this...


You didn't. :000000


Oh..then how could I end up here....
By The Way :point_up_2:,are you still in the leader of the drawing club account? If so, could you tell me the username.. I forgot..I only remembered the pass lol


Could you maybe explain a little more about what this is in the top post :D? And why are random people tagged?


I said this to kvj already