Hopscotch News Team


Hey everyone! I’m starting a Hopscotch Newspaper, and I need some articles for the first papers.
Here are some possible sections:
Featured reviews
Featured nominations
How To’s
Adverts (maybe for upcoming competitions)

So as you can see, they are all hopscotch based.
I would like it if @hopscotch-curators people could get notifications when a new paper comes out. People could also write articles for the paper, if they wanted.

So, here are some people who I think might be interested

News team ppl


First, we need a title. As I am posting them all on lavender waterfall, I think that it would be good if it had something to do with lavender.

  • Lavender Times

  • Hopscotch Times

Those are two I like, if you have any suggestions, reply with any ideas.


I would suggest you should maybe search before posting, I believe HopscotchRemixer made a Hopscotch News and many others.


This is different -there are posts once a week, and its only hopscotch news. And, I’m doing it because I like the idea.


No, it is no different. It’s THE EXACT SAME


It isn’t different. Stop saying it is


I would like to write articals about the forum


Do you mean you would like us to send people notifications?


I’d suggest that @OriginalCherry request an advertisement for the
Trail Art Club!, because it is a really fun club. If you accept advertisements and @OriginalCherry accepts more members, this might be a good idea…


ok guys could you like calm down please? People make mistakes it was by an accident. Sheesh…


This is so cool I’m so interested thanks for tagging me!


This is a cool idea!

It is pretty similar to other newspaper clubs and stuff… but there is no need to go crazy! It is just a small error, everyone please calm down!

@lavenderwaterfall, although this is a great idea, I would suggest adding something to it just to make it a little different than the others! :smile:


Thanks, I. I gut consider making an advertisement soon. Thanks guys!


uh they are calm


Thanks for your support


Ok, maybe people from the hs community could enter articles, which makes it different ish


Yes, if that’s possible.
I want everyone to get involved, even without the forum…


I’m really really really sorry. How, if I were to go ahead, would you forgive me.




Any ideas how I could make it different I’m so stuck


You could make the main focus of this be the forum while the pther on eseams to focus more on hopscothch