Hopscotch News Release Topic!


@Kayro you added yourself and deleted Sophia’s! I added it back in though!


I hate that glitch! It only happens to me. Every time I try to add something to a global edit it deletes someone else!


btw I don’t think I’ll be able to do this Scotch. ;/ I’m so sorry, I’m just really busy and have enough going on in my life. I’m so sorry. ;(


Ok…you are missing out…sobbbs


:||| I want to but I literally have very little free time.

ahhh whelp I use my free time to draw and chat with my friendos like you. :]


Oh no… @yaygirls I do not forget about stuff that often… but I forgot our interview again. I’ll do it right now.

Great newspaper as always, though!


It is totally alright!


Can I join this plz???


Yeah just go to oir official news topic…