HOPSCOTCH NEWS! Open for anyone to post their own news!



Hey everyone! This is the ‘Hopscotch News!’ Topic! I think that the THT should add a Hopscotch News column to the forum, where people can post things about what is going on on Hopscotch! For now, though, it isn’t happening. So I created a topic for it! Every day/week I will post stuff about new projects that are worthy of a feature, featured projects, winners of contests, and more! If you have anything to share about projects you are working on or anything at all, feel free to *SPREAD THE NEWS!*™️



What channel is this on?


I know it’s not channel 017, that’s already used…


I don’t know what you mean by channel!


What channel do you use to watch it?

Like for example the 014 channel is on channel 014.


It’s not on TV just on the forum


Wait it’s not on forum tv?

Why not?

I’m confused

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