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Remixer, you didn’t put my interview in the news.
Last time.


You have to put it in yourself sorry. And only one interview in the paper per person per week. You can still interview multiple people, just only one of them can go into the paper that week. You can save the others for other weeks.


Strange… I thought I had put it in… or had someone put it in for me because I had to go…


What should I write about for this week? Like some sort of topic, or lesson?

Oh what about the trending problem? Would that go under the coding column?

Wait- that would more likely go under general though.


That actually sounds like a cool issue to bring up! Definitely!
@HopscotchRemixer, I’m going to do an interview from photo btw. I already have sophia and williamgamer…


Ok sounds great. @Autumn_Leaves that is a great idea.


@yaygirls remember to put who you are interviewing and also by yaygirls at the top.


Okay. I just forgot how to make the font big… How do you do that again?:no_mouth:



< h1 > words < /h1 >

but without spaces


Like this. Quote this. Put < h1> before this Text. Without the space.


You only need the <h1> actually


like this?


Yep that is how you do it. Say

Interview with @


Unless you want to change the type back to regular.
It will keep the large text like that unless you do the < /h1 >.
I think.

Well yeah it seems not to go back to normal even if I skip a line.


Can you guys interview people to put in?



Who the heck are you?
Who made your awesome profile picture?
Why should everyone join the dark side?
How do you draw so well?
Have you ever gone skydiving?


Who the heck are you?

I’m Kayro. I’m a 13 year old girl who is in Junior High as an 8th grader. I am from the lands that also have SweeTeaStuffz, Hitokage and a few others that I forgot how to spell their usernames. I also am a huge Star Wars fan as you have pointed out and am greatly inspired by it. I even have my own OC, Shadow.

Who made your awesome profile picture?

Oh that was my wonderful friend Nindroid. But when it isn’t @NindroidGames’ amazing work of plasma it often times is my Star Wars OC or just some random Star Wars thing. I credit people. Right now I don’t because I just say it’s Nindroid’s.

Why should everyone join the dark side?

Because contrary to popular belief, it is stronger. So you should join it. Also we can rule the galaxy together if you join it. Just to explain how it definitely is stronger I can tell you the story of Pinkcupcake8’s Hiccups. She had hiccups I gave her an At-At. Her hiccups went away. (Also that counts 4 Dark Side!) So anyways everyone should join the dark side because it is stronger and cooler. You get a cape too.

How do you draw so well?

I’d like to think it is my creativity trying to break through my amazing intelligence. But that’s probably not true. A lot of people say I get into from my mom. That’s kinda boring though. So I just say I draw and i make flowing lines. Also hasn’t anyone noticed I almost always only use black, white and grey?

Have you ever gone skydiving?

No I have never gone skydiving. I also don’t plan on ever going skydiving. I would much rather fly a tie fighter then skydive and that’s saying a lot.


What’s your username?

On Hopscotch, I’m “Serenity [Gone]”, and on the forum, I’m @Serenity

How long have you been on the forum?

According to my profile, almost a year and a half.

What is your favorite color?

I like to wear blue, but my favorite color has to be a silvery blue-grey.

What is your favorite block of code or group in Hopscotch?

Leave A Trail! I think it’s called Draw A Trail now, though.

Do you enjoy the forum?

Yes! I love the friendly community and the creativity of some of the Hopscotcher’s on the Drawing Topic.

If there was something you had to change one thing about the forum or Hopscotch?

I thought having leaders was pretty cool when we had them, but it seemed to take up a lot of their time. I think I like the forum the way it is!

So sorry for tagging u Serenity. Ur in the news now.


We need to work on the newspaper quickly…totally forgot about it…
Interviewers put your interviews in…
How is the coding page article coming along?
Anyone have a suggestion for featured art of the week?
I can write currently featured…
@Kitkat26 how are the ads coming along?


AHhhhh I haven’t had any time to work on it. I’ll do it tomorrow.