Hopscotch News (Need Managers, Reporters, Anchors, Writers, Advertisers)



On my other account I made this. If you want to, you can use it as a logo:


How long have you been on the forum: a little over a year
Do you feel like you know a lot of people on the forum: yeah
Do you have any interviewing experience: not that much
Also do the interview people just ask hsers questions?


So I interviewed someone about myself and the forum and I said is what I got…


Ok everyone we need writers to write some things in general Page and coding Column


Each interviewer should only put one interview on the paper per week. It is ok if we have multiple interviews but all those interviews have to be from different people.


I’m writing something about coding/ features but I need @Kayro to report back to me.


Well the featured section has already written in so can you put it in the coding Column?


It’s kinda an article about how people get on featured and what makes a project feature worthy. I’ll put it in coding though!


Ok that’s great! We still need someone to put stuff in the General page!


“PC8 is better than Kayro” excuse me how dare you liar,


And I’m searching!
And finding stuff.


OK thanks!!


Awesome_E’s recent feature is quite amazing. They have constructed many different amazing projects.


@photographer123 we’re you going to sign up?


yes. yep. ya. I should do that, I’m just not sure which position I should sign up for. any suggestions?


We need reporters and anchors the most.


Mwahahahahahahahahahahaha now I’m watching dis!


Could I also be a reporter? Would a reporter and writer be similar? Lol I have a lot of jobs on here.


Same. I have a lot of jobs too. Interviewer, reporter, amazing person, Star Wars fan, friend, and most importantly, padawan.

Cause I’m learning the ways of the reporting


I have so many jobs I can’t count
Yo-Kai fangirl
Harry Potter fanatic
And a bunch more…