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Hopscotch News 11/26/17
Hello this is our first newspaper! They should come out every week on a Sunday. If you want an ad in our paper talk to @Kitkat26

Currently Featured:

This is a fun and simple tower defense game.

A fun game where you have to cover the sun with the moon. You control the moon. Whenever you cover the sun you get points. (@Awesome_E)

You drag a turkey around and you try to dodge the utensils. You have three lives and try to survive as long as possible.

Another awesome game made by SuperMarioMiniGames (@JonnyGamer)


Interview With @hyperactive_fox

By @yaygirls

How long have you been on Hopscotch(and the forum)? Why did you stay on?
I’ve been on Hopscotch since sometime in 2014. Forum, I came in Summer 2016 for a week or two on a different account, then I got this one in May. Hopscotch is just addicting for me, and more so the forum. It took me away from coding.

Do you think there’s a bridge between coding and drawing? Which one do you prefer?
Yes, as all art pads have to be coded, and most artists at some point in time make their own. I personally code more, because I ■■■■ at drawing.

What do you like most about Hopscotch? What could be improved? Hopscotch has an amazing community. But I think it used to be for younger kids. Maybe moderate it more? The coding part is pretty good.
Here you are! Thanks for interviewing me!

Interview with @TheMasterOfAirjitzu

By @NindroidGames

Who the heck are you? I am TheMasterOfAirjitzu.
What do you do on Hopscotch? Stuff
What do your cookies taste like? I have never made cookie sandwiches in my life.
What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Being a magical, fluffy unicorn.
What isn’t that mysterious project you’re working on? It isn’t a potato.
You made a wonderful Christmas game last year. Have you made one this year? If so, when will you publish it? I have. About a year after I published the last one.
Why haven’t you changed your profile background in almost a year? You shall see. In about a year.
Who are Rey’s parents? I have no idea.
What is the temperature of your shoes?

Coding Column:
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Art Page:
Featured Art Of The Week:

This is some amazing Splatoon fan art and OCs made by @Fluffymarshmellow

Ad Page:
@Panthera: Science Club :alembic:

  • Want to code a bunch of sciencey and math projects that will help others learn? Or show off your knowledge of math and science in awesome, somewhat advanced projects?
    No coding experience required, and the only rule is no chatting! Sign up on Science club! :alembic:️ to join!

@HopedHoper: Hoplympics

  • The Hoplympics Finishes TODAY!?? (AKA the 26th) Well it is certain it is tough! U.K VS U.S.A VS Australia VS Germany! Lollypopcorn and Mr.Gam3r are judging but who will win? You will find out on 30th November 2017! The category’s for the 2nd biggest competition of 2017 for hopscotch are Pixel Art, Trail Art, Game, Background and Sin & Cos! Good luck to all competitors!

@Mr.rex- MR Studios Collab

  • Make sure to follow the MR studios Collab to see projects made by me, Matt, and my OCs! Whether it’s a game I make or Rex’s wait 10 seconds you win game (sigh) or Aran’s emoji tapper game, lots of new projects and character development for my OCs!

Ok everyone put your stuff in here my this Sunday so we can post it.



I have other interviews. Do I put them on the wiki?


I’m interviewing Serenity.


I already interviewed Photo and Sophia.


AHHH ur taking all the good ones!

What should I report.


You can ask questions like how they joined hopscotch, what their favorite things are, or other things. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about hopscotch too. I will pull up the questions I already asked.


I know but I also a reporter so what should I report?


Ooh! Maybe you can report about the remix bug, or how serenity is doing the forumers in one pic, or …ships.


Yeah ships would be a good idea.

But I might report on the bug. What is the bug though?


As long as the people being shipped agree to it. We don’t want to start rumors. As for the remix bug, see this topic:


I got 89 on Don’t get eaten by doing nothing… pretty good :100:


For some reason I can’t ant edit anything right now but here is my interview with Serenity!

What’s your username?
On Hopscotch, I’m “Serenity [Gone]”, and on the forum, I’m @Serenity

How long have you been on the forum?
According to my profile, almost a year and a half.

What is your favorite color?
I like to wear blue, but my favorite color has to be a silvery blue-grey.

What is your favorite block of code or group in Hopscotch?
Leave A Trail! I think it’s called Draw A Trail now, though.

Do you enjoy the forum?
Yes! I love the friendly community and the creativity of some of the Hopscotcher’s on the Drawing Topic.

If there was something you had to change one thing about the forum or Hopscotch?
I thought having leaders was pretty cool when we had them, but it seemed to take up a lot of their time. I think I like the forum the way it is!


I can add it in! Go up farther and you’ll see the wiki one!


My IPad was just not working.


I have an idea of a article I want to write. It will be about featured projects and featuring in general. Could I do it?


You are a reporter right? Well, I am writing an article on being featured, so could you maybe interview someone that is on featured and/or give me information from topics such as Nominations for featured? Here is what I have so far:


I can do that.
Let me get my reporter fedora.


I investigates.


I have a regular fedora.