Hopscotch News (Need Managers, Reporters, Anchors, Writers, Advertisers)



Yeah we will tag you. Do you guys think we should make a subscription so when people want to get it every week we will tag them when it comes out?


That would be a super good idea! Unfortunately, it seems like you can’t make groups on the forum anymore as @t1_hopscotch isn’t a leader, but you could just make a regular tag list if you would like to do that.


Yeah we can just make a list with a summary and you can add and remove yourself depending on if you want to get the paper or not. For the first week we will tag the OMTL.


I added to the currently featured section and also changed the metro section to the General section. You can write anything in this page!


Wow! This is super cool! Thanks for mentioning me! :D


Your welcome we are just making this weeks paper…


Can I help with it? This is pretty great


You can sign up by doing the sign up form on the first post. All jobs are open but it would be good if we could an anchor or reporter.


Alrighty! Sounds good!
I’ll be a news anchor


Make sure to fill out the form too. An anchor has an all around job and if we ever do live news then you will star in that too.


How long have you been on the forum:
Since October 2015 (Hopscothin’ since 2013)
How many research papers have you ever written:
Quite a bit, I am in 10th grade
Do you think you can make ideas for news articles?
Sure thing! It’ll be great!


Ok thanks…that’s is all I needed


Cool. I am excited for the newspaper!


Sorry. I’m back I wasn’t there…


I will need reminders. Yay.


Ok then I will put you down as a writer. If you meant to be an anchor then I will change it.


Nope. Writer.


Ok. I put it there originally.


Oh wait that is for anchors anyways NVM.


For those who just want to read the weeks newspaper, do we look for it here or is there a topic specifically for the finished papers?