Hopscotch News (Need Managers, Reporters, Anchors, Writers, Advertisers)



K I’m back I lol idk what to do


this seems pretty snazzy
I want to join >:333


Ok photo just fill out a form. I am guessing you want to do the art section right?


ya, I will. I’m studying rn. :333
maybe. I sorta want to be like a reporter or smth. we’ll see…


Who’d I be interviewing if I became an interviewer?


You could interview whoever you would want


This is a great idea! I hope it goes well!


Ok thanks for answering the questions!


@Xman0417 ar you going to sign up for a job?


I have a question. When will we start??


I have the same question as @yaygirls too… EDIT: Nevermnid


We will start next week. And I want to get a paper out by next Sunday.


Ok thanks for signing up and being our first advertiser! Try to get people to put ads in our paper! Also just advertise us!


Got it! Sounds fun! I’ll try and advertise!

EDIT: If someone wants to advertise, what am I charging them and what should I do once I get a someone’s ad. I don’t have ads yet I’m just asking for future reference. @HopscotchRemixer


You can start interviewing people now if you want.
Some example questions:
How long have you been on Hopscotch?
Do you prefer coding or drawing?
What do you like most about Hopscotch?
You can make your own questions and they don’t have to be these.


Okay, I know just who to interview…


You can interview anyone you want.


I don’t know if we should charge them…maybe I should make a currency…and every time somebody posts in the Metro section, they can get 1 ad in a newspaper. Just so we can increase productivity.


Ok. I won’t charge them for now. I’ll make a little form they can fit out. : )


Ok that sounds great! I think you can make a topic for people who want to have ads I need the paper