Hopscotch News (Need Managers, Reporters, Anchors, Writers, Advertisers)


[u want me to fill out interview form?]

Read the first reply…it has everything in it.

Yeah that would be great.

Ok doke
Lol I’m trying to write 20 characters

Ok I will add you to the interviewer category too.

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Could I maybe do the Currenly featured? I won’t really be able to play some though, I don’t have the new update.

Well what job do you want to do?

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There u go remixer!

there be a ship… PhotoMixer

I’m confused :confused: sorry lemme check up again

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Oh. Maybe can I be reporters?


Oh be quiet with the photoscotch…I will add you…

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Ok can you fill out the form?

I say it photomixer. Like an adobe app.

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How long have you been on the forum:
10 months
How many research papers have you ever written:
Well I write a lot in my class… lol
Do you think you can make ideas for news articles?
Yes. For example WE HAVE A COPIED PROJECT’!!

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Ok thanks I will add you as a writer.

:smiley: Do you want meh to show you my new project? Its pretty cool/fun. It for Christmas. It’s basically writing a letter to santa

I already saw it. Cool :D

I will do the form later! Need to eat!

Oh ok…I added you in to the tag list

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