Hopscotch News (Need Managers, Reporters, Anchors, Writers, Advertisers)



Maybe put it with the title “Debates” or “New Debates” or something like that.


@Kitkat26 do you have any ads to put in?


I will put sophia"s interview on here.


Yes. I just need to put them in. Give me a minute.


Everyone get your stuff in…,
@Autumn_Leaves (How’s the coding pagecarticle going?)
@MyPi(Could you help organize some more things)


I thnk I did. Let me check.


How do you want me to organize? I don’t know who gave what in, because no one tells me.


I quit that about two weeks ago.

I was getting too busy.


Ok a manger checklist:
Do all the featured prstuff jets have descriptions?
Is the featured art of the week posted?
Has the coding article been written?
What is the General Pagepoll going to be?
Do we have at least 2 interviews?
Are all the ads in the template?
I think that is all of them.


Okay, where is the newspaper? Can you just give me a link?


Can someone update the featured page? There has been like 20 other features and we have to be on top of it. Thanks.


I think we should show the 10 most recent features, from this past week.


I don’t think so, what about all of the people who worked so hard only to have their Feature not be on the newspaper because there were 20 features that week


Oh No! I completely forgot about this! I don’t think Ill be able to get this done :frowning:


@HopscotchRemixer Ok, I am still writing my article for my interviews.


Well ok. But 20 features is a lot.



I got tagged here for some reason. Did someone edit the first post?


Ok @MiiR_legend you can join. Please right an article for the coding page, which is on Global Edit, a few posts above.


Who here completely forgot about this?