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We make a paper every two weeks. I am going to post the template like right now.


How long have you been on the forum: Almost a year! :D (since Jan 7th)
Have you ever written a research paper: Yep!
Do you feel confident you can write an article every week? Yeah, as long as someone tags me. ;w;


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Hopscotch News 12/17/17

Hello this is our third newspaper! They should come out every other week on a Sunday. If you want an ad in our paper talk to @Kitkat26

Currently Featured:

  1. Hoped Hopper’s Retail tycoon
  2. Blast Fusion’s MooMoo.io 2.0!
  3. DiamondSamuria’s Sledding!
  4. TheCMStudios’ Mr. Tickles
  5. LongDrop’s Make A Letter For Santa
  6. DJSWAGDABOSS’s Agar.io!
  7. thebest1ever’s Emoji Drawer
  8. A Climbing Coder [CC]’s Monster Game (ip)
  9. MyPi’s The Boston’s Tea Party Hoplympics USA
  10. NindroidGames’ Present Drop

@Kayro interviews @HopscotchRemixer

How long have you been on Hopscotch?

For 15 months (September 2016)

How long have you been on the forum?

This is my 8th month

What’s your favorite color?


What is your favorite block in HS?

Check Once If Block

What’s your favorite project on HS?

Probably Minecraft Sneak-Up because of how it implements 3D things.

If you could change one thing about either the forum or HS what would you change?

I would add a comment section to projects! It would be great to have the community be more together without needing the forum!

Interview with @sophia71205 by yaygirls

How long have you been on Hopscotch(and the forum)? Why did you stay on?
I’ve been Hopscotchin’ since April 2016, but I didn’t become active for a little while. I stayed because I felt a sense of pride in knowing I could make my own games. I joined the forum December 27, 2016. I’ve stayed on here because of some of my amazing friends.

Do you think there’s a bridge between coding and drawing? Which one do you prefer?
Eh, a little. Art pads have to be coded by someone, and they aren’t always the easiest things to code. I prefer coding just because I can barely draw.

What do you like most about Hopscotch?
I almost said that it is fun to code, but really, what I like most is the community that encourages me to keep coding.

What could be improved?
Equality…that’s the only word needed.

Coding Column:

General Page:
This is the part of the newspaper where the whole community can be apart of this newspaper. We would like to know what you like the most about Hopscotch, and how it could be improved.
What do you like to do most on Hopscotch?

  • Games
  • Art
  • Trail Art
  • Pixel Art
  • RPs
  • Remix
  • Other

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Art Page:
Featured Art Of The Week:

Ad Page:
AwesomeJediE- “Songwriter” Game Testers

  • I’m developing a project called “Songwriter” and I need some Alpha testers and Beta developers. My Alpha version of the game is currently out on my Jedi4Jesus Hopscotch profile.
    What Alpha Testers need to do: Look and play the game and comment if there are any bugs.
    What Beta Developers need to do: Give ideas on ways I can improve and ideas on things to add, or even offering to add on to the game by remixing.
    Check out this topic for more info: “Songwriter” Game Topic >>ALPHA IS OUT! :D, and I hope to see you all soon.

@MyPi- Committee of United Hopscotchers

  • The Committee of United Hopscotchers is a place where people can go for information or for help. Consisting of only coders, it is a great place for people with bugs to go. Join today!

@OriginalCherry- 2017-2018 Top Ten Projects

  • If you want to nominate somebody for the top ten projects of the year this is your chance! Come to the topic to nominate three outstanding mindblowing projects posted in 2017 to kick off the new year.

@sophia71205- My cause my cleats competition

  • Check it out here and please consider joining.


@HopscotchRemixer I am ready to interview some people. Is it ok if I write a page in the paper about what I’ve been debating lately? Or no?


Yeah you can put it in the general pahe