Hopscotch News (Need Managers, Reporters, Anchors, Writers, Advertisers)



This is Hopscoth News! Sign up to be any of these jobs:






This will be a weekly or monthly depending on how fast we get stuff done. There will be 6 main sections:

  1. Currently Featured
    What is currently featured, project ratings, what you should play
  2. Interviews
    Interviews for any Hopscotcher, this is kind of open-ended on what questions you should ask.
  3. Coding Column
    Talk about anything and everything about coding!
  4. General
    Just a General section that the public can write in!
  5. Art Page
    Art section…simply put just art critique, posting art, anything else art
  6. Ad Page
    Ads get put on this page for free or for a small fee

Sign Up Forms:


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Have an experience with managing:


How long have you been on the forum:
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Do you have any interviewing experience:

Reporters and Anchors

How long have you been on the forum:
How many research papers have you ever written:
Do you think you can make ideas for news articles?


How long have you been on the forum:
Have you ever written a research paper:
Do you feel confident you can write an article every week?


How long have you been on the forum:
Have you ever organized ads for a paper or something:

If you want an ad in our paper plz tell us!
Job descriptions:
Help manage the upcoming newspaper by organizing where everything will go. You can be a manager along with any other job.
Find out info for the writers to use. You can be a reporter and writer together.
You specifically do interviews with Hopscotchers and write articles about it for the Interviews part of the paper. You can be an interviewer and writer.
You do an all around job but you will mostly announce things and maybe we can get some live news, in which case you guys would be talking. It isn’t recommended that you be an anchor and something else.
You advertise the paper and also help organize the ad section of the paper.

Hopscotch News Tag List


@TheCoders @OMTL
Hopscotch News 12/3/17
Hello this is our second newspaper! They should come out every week on a Sunday. If you want an ad in our paper talk to @Kitkat26

Currently Featured:


Coding Column:

General Page:
This is the part of the newspaper where the whole community can be apart of this newspaper. We would like to know what you like the most about Hopscotch, and how it could be improved.

Art Page:
Featured Art Of The Week:

Ad Page:

Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 13 [OFFICIAL]

Ok thanks I will add you!


What section do you think you would like to work on?


I hope you will consider me!

I will also do any of the topics above!


Ok thanks what section would you like to work with. You can always do multiple but it is more work.


Hi! This sounds cool! Did you forget to write a sign up sheet for anchor, or did I miss something?


Any really, just put me where you need me. (Art, metro and interviews would be best.)


Reporters and anchors fill out the same form.


Wait…then you should fill out the interviewer form, not the writer.


Ok this is great! You can’t write in the metro section because it is for people who aren’t signed up(aka the public)


Also if you want to do interviews become and interviewer too,


Well just whatever u need me to report. Don’t reporters interview too?


Ok thank you!


They are two seperate jobs here. I said you could sign up for both if you wanted…


I can? I would like to to both then… I’m going to go fill out the form…


Your welcome…I guess…


Ok then this is a great start!


Hi I’m just checking out since bored


Are you going to join?


Sure? What’s it about.