Hopscotch News Crew closed no more spots



I have thought of making a hopscotch lounge so there will be 5 spots open this week and so on and so on every single week we will have a chat about what is going to be on the hopscotch news of the week so here is what you can sing up for.

Coders (1 spot open)
Drawer FULL

Co leader FULL

Leader FULL

What you want
What your good at


What do u mean @MYD because like just what


Would you like to join or nah


Can I be the co leader?


Yep what's your hopscotch username @Goobrgrlrye


Goobrgrlrye is my hopscotch username. What's yours?


I wanna follow you but I don't know your hopscotch username.


Me sure I guess, I'll be the drawer


I would love to be a coder or a drawer.
I am probably the best at drawing if it is not with coded pen. But otherwise I am fairly good at coding, just not that great with sine and cosine.


Oh, and my hopscotch username is the same as this one


Angidrawings just the same old same old


Is there anything that I can do?


Yay maybe last person!


Yep u are its closed now


Is your username on Hopscotch the same as your forum name?