Hopscotch New Years 2016 GRAMMYS!



Continuing the discussion from 2016 Hopscotch SuperBowl Project:

Ok, despite the minor problem/upset along the way, we are going to continue!
Let's do the GRAMMYS!!!


This will be closed soon after 5 minutes I bet... better enjoy it while you can!!:smile:


I can't be on much, can @OrangeScent1 and the team take over?


I don't believe so. Anyway...


Ok, it's fine with meh, I may not be on much either!


Well, the grammys is not a huge deal, so it might not be approved.


I know, but we are making a project about it on our collab account, NewYears2016


Let's do a drafts clean-up so it's not filled with too much stuff! :wink:


Yay I wish I could watch the Grammys now!


I can't be on the account ;(


Wow! Can I help? Or nominate people? :333 i really wanted to help on the super bowl and things but had no time!


Hey, I'm part of the New Years crew, so what are we doing?


Woah, the rapper is mlg

Those skills
Off the charts!


My mom was watching it and she was all like
"Isn't rapping just talking with no punctuation?"
Meanwhile I was just like
O_O woah this is intense



The Hamilton peeps wrote a rap for their thank you's xD


can i be in teh new years team?


Is this an ad? It's so long :confused:

Probably not :stuck_out_tongue:


Sup? Im watching their weird music video?


It's a good song, but weird people


Yeah. Weird backgrounds!