Hopscotch new tab?



Liza I was wondering if we could maybe get a new tab on hopscotch so what do you guys think too a forum tap so we can make our ideas that we had on forum on hopscotch under a new tab so say donuts if you don't like it and say cupcakes if you do like it!


Do you want me to make a poll for you?


Okay, I see what you mean.
It would be a good idea, by how would it work?


I don't understand what your getting at... Could you explain?


I think you should be able to access the forum on Hopscotch, and you should be able to link Hopscotch and forum accounts.


Yes, make a poll.

  • Good idea (donuts!)
  • Bad idea (cupcakes)


Votes are public.

Click on an option to vote!


I mean on this tab you would be able to access the forum and do the ideas the forum gives you on that tap!


Any one else have anything to say about this idea especcialy @Liza


Try emailing THT. They usually respond faster to email than to forum tags.


I'm a little offended
How are cupcakes bad?:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Jk but still. Cupcakes are life


ok sounds good thanks a lot


I know they are but I just wanted to make this topic fun


Haha I know. I'm just kidding XD


Anyone else have any ideas on this tab!



I was thinking the forum could be in the app!


Exactly what I was thinking!


Anyone else want to talk


a tab idea-#premium
only subscription users can post in there
but i know how bad the idea is
and its too unfair :c


Well that's a little rude do dude!