Hopscotch needs to be on the Google Play Store too!


Hey guys, have you ever wondered why you can ONLY get hopscotch on an Iphone, Ipod, or an IPad? Well i have a proposal for the hopscotch team. @Liza
@Rodrigo @system @alish @staff
You guys should put hopscotch on the google play store! You guys would get a lot more hopscotchers and alot more people willing to subscribe! You guys would make more money! And plus, not everyone has a iphone or ipad. I mean, me, i have an LG, which has the google play store, not the apple store. So please consider my idea.


Anything with I it's on.


I agree
Hopscotch on my phone would be great!


I agre I have an apple phone but I think it would let the community grow.


Here is a poll to help the hopscoch team

  • Yes (for google play store)
  • No (don't put it on the play store)
  • Din not mean to vote


Votes are public.


Please SBYP :slight_smile:

BTW, @alish left the Hopscotch team some time ago, so tagging him is useless XD


We of course want to, we've said it multiple times. It's just that we're such a small team that it's out of our scope right now. Maybe in the near future.


Who came up with the idea of hopscotch?
And mabye ATLEAST add it on android some time this year
So I can code on my bus


Doesnt android have the google play store? I think it does. My old phone was an android. Also, last year for haloween, there was someone dressed as the android figure and i gave them a hug. Lol


Android devises use google play
While Apple users have the App Store
Both are very unique in many ways but in my opinion I like google play more because it has a big selection of games and other apps



The Google Play store has lots of malicious and shady apps with malware.. just saying :stuck_out_tongue:



This topic has been made before :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, THT can port their app easily, look at this


That looks pretty cool. It probably works, but in my opinion it’s best to write code yourself, so you know everything that’s going on. I’m not 100% sure how it works, but I reckon it’ll better to write native Java code to optimise your code and make use of the Android libraries and stuff.