Hopscotch needs a drawing pad tutorial!


I had a lot of trouble making my first drawing pad. So I had to ask my trusty friend, Jaszy Kake or ChocoBear. It seems like drawing anime is really popular these days on Hopscotch, and I think people would want to have their own drawing pad. Please leave a like so people can see this idea! :heart:


It Already Has One...


It wouldnt be good to have one because:
1.It would be long.
2.Then everyone could make one and they would'nt be special. All the people who put a ton of effort into theirs wouldnt have the credit they deserve.


No I mean like a drawing pad.


It would be long, but people need one. So I think that there should be one.


Also, usually when there's a new video, a TON of people make it, and I personally don't want a flood of drawing pads...


well you can always use some of the coding on others drawing pads then build on it to make your own.
Like I said they wouldnt be special any more, like escape the room. It used to be special but then they made a video and when you saw one and you were like, "oh they used the video." Its not special or unique anymore.

when someone makes a drawing pad that shows they put a lot of effort and time into it.


Yes I completely agree! it would be revenge of the drawing pads


I know you guys hate my idea, but please be a little more respectful.


I feel hurt because I just wanted to share my idea.


We don't hate your idea. We're just telling you why we disagree.


Sorry we didnt mean to be mean! Its a valid idea i was just saying. Sorry if you are offended.


It's okay... Just be a little more nice next time. It's kind of like suddenly you have this great idea, make a post, but then immediately people say they don't agree in a kind of aggressive way.


It has a fuzzy draw tutorial witch uses similar code with the colors. HSB a is a bit difficult, though.


Since when were we aggressive about it? :confused:


... Sorry then i didnt want to be aggressive...


There should be one, but it should be simple, only around three non hsb colors, and a width changer. That way, the really advanced ones would still be special and it would only be about 30 mins.(for hour of code, maybe?)


Yes! Here is a wonderful idea!


I agree there should be one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::gem:


Sorry this took so long to post, but here's an example.

It only took me a little while, but a video tutorial would take around 20-30 minutes.