Hopscotch Nature Challenge!


Hey!! This is the Hopscotch Nature challenge, you can either make or recreate a Flower, etc off the internet. Please don’t get too off topic only post the result and ask for help/advice on the code🙂( Recreate on Hopscotch Or other coding apps)Trail Pixel Or Shapes will do!!! Prizes will be given to top Five Projects ( send link please! @OMTL


I’d like to do this challenge :smiley:

I’ll do pixel art…


Ok, you can start when you are ready:)


I will do this one

or a bird…


I will do this challenge! I will do either trail or pixel art… let me find a photo -
Okay, I will probably do trail art, but I’ll figure it out soon.


Great topic! Maybe I will do this if I’ll have time, but amazing idea!!!


I’m doing it!!!


I want to do the challenge!!! Can i make a coding project?


Yes, code on Hopscotch or other coding apps


Can I enter my garden project?
The one where you can spawn flowers.


I think they will allow


Sure, you can do it:)


It’s ok if I don’t win though. It’s not really
my best.


Not gonna win though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone Else Entering


I might.