Hopscotch Name Search Bar Glitch?


So, my hopscotch account used to be called SnivyRp, but I changed my name to StarSwan. Whenever I try to search StarSwan, my account does not show up. Instead I have to search SnivyRP for It to show up. Does anybody know how to solve this? Here are some Pics for more info


I noticed this as well with one of my alt accounts. Some accounts don’t show up at all when you try to search for them.

(By the way, you can annotate photos using the Photos app if you are on iOS 10 later)


This is my school iPad, I’m too lazy to update :persevere:


Maybe you just changed it so the system doesn’t recognize it yet…?
Sry gtg bye it’s 11:00pm here .-.


yeah. the search bar isnt the best… tht seem to be working in it from what ive seen, its getting a little better
are you on the latest version of hopscotch?


I think that THT are working their best (I know that they are) to fix these issues, but thank you for reporting it, I haven’t noticed it yet.


Yes. I have updated it to the latest version