Hopscotch Name Colors!



I was wondering what your Hopscotch name colors are. Like my Hopscotch name colors are neon red, blue, light pink, pink, and peach. (Look below)

That's why I make projects with those colors a lot! I chose these colors because bubblegum is pink. And the cupcake is peach with blue frosting and a cherry on top. And my Hopscotch name is @BubblegumCupcakeMix. Most of the time your Hopscotch name colors have to do with your username.
If you tell me your Hopscotch name colors I might make a project with your Hopscotch name colors for you!


Dark blue because Ike.
A candy apple red because Red Toon Link
and A blue because wynaut?


Does anyone want a project made for you with your colors?


I don't really know with my username. Probably rainbow. XD


Blue and orange

Cause deh Mudkipe coloahs


Uh... Yellow... Blue... It's because my profile pic in hopscotch is yellow and blue.


Mine are Bright red and lime green,symbolising my OCS!


Probably TRICERA–Green/fern and fossil yellow. Tank is our stuffed animal, and he is those colors.


Mine would probably be tan, dark pink, and white


Mine would be...colors which I do not know.


Mine would be...

  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Dark yellow
  • Possibly blue or pink




Mine would be rainbow. :D


Mine would be light blue and white, for enchanted!