Hopscotch Mythbusters! Push Hopscotch's Limits!


Welcome to Hopscotch Mythbusters! I am still planning this but pretty much we are going to test things about Hopscotch (what makes lag the most, # of clones till a crash, etc.) I will probably need 2 other leaders to help organize some things. All you need is HS to join(you don’t even need an account).



So if you want to join just ask me! I think a I will make an account so you don’t have o trash up yours!
@OMTL @TheCoders


First!!! Hehehehehehe

Hi scotch


OoOoooOoOooOOO sounds fun!


sure sounds cool
ipad air ios 11.2 i believe


Hello. Don’t call me scotch. Only photo can. You can come up with your own nickname, but that one is reserved for photo.


I would like to join


Ok thanks! I will add you!


may join too pls thx


At the rate my project is going there’s no need for this :smile:


yall fyi the max amount of clones is 4096 but afaik mine cant handle 1000


Mythbusters are cool. It is great to have it here in HS :slight_smile:


Can I also be a leader??? @HopscotchRemixer