Hopscotch MUST ADDS! - 2020

I’ve been on hopscotch for years now, and they need to add this.

0.	**MENU**


Hopscotch needs to add more things to the menu, here’s a few.

Publishing projects.

We need descriptions for publishing projects, and a possibility to edit our post.

Description would be a good way of seeing a project, without actually going on it. This way you could have a brief idea of the game/app.

If we could edit a project, we could update our project without having to upload them again. That could also save our plants, like, views, etc. Also you would be able to have multiple versions of your projects. Meaning you could change the version if you wanted too.

Also for online (which I explained later) it could be something that shows the amount of people online.

Example -

With my Among us Shape Art I could use that. I switched the design (due to feedback) and it looks better.

The design could be at the top right of the project (not in the editor) and only the creator would be able to edit it. (UNLESS ITS A COLLAB WHICH I WILL GET TO AT THE MOMENT)

For projects that don’t have a description (older projects) you could make it to where you could change the description, or have user on the forum describe it. (Hopscotch reviews 2 (I will explain in a moment) )

The design could be easy to implement. You could make it so you have to hold the project to see the description, or even make it so you will have to tap once to see the description (a little menu would come up) and then tap it again to open the project.


You should not need the same account to make a collab, instead we need online code.

This would make it so Me and @TheCmStudios (just in example) could code the same project, at the same time, without the same account! A lot of times, the account is used only one time because it’s just for one game, so why not make it so we don’t need an account!


The project would have to be on both accounts, and likes and plants should also go to both accounts. (As well as plays)


This is not as important, but would still be nice.

Adding reviews on the app (optional of course)

Users could have the option of having reviews on their projects. Same concept as hopscotch reviews, and leaders could approve the messages. No hate, just feedback.


Grizzly, your shape art was very cool, especially for it to be your first! Maybe you could add more detail to the head, and it would be a 10/10! - Magma Pop


Player design/blocks!

We need a choice for the coder. Just like in my coding game (Goat Code) I give you the option of block, or type code. If you adding type code it would help us learn real coding easier, and that would be more beneficial! Of course, this would probably be hard to implement, so if that took months or years that would be fine! I would love to see this, and can’t wait for feedback!


After about 10 MB’s, the project can no longer have anything else in it (even on the newest device) which I think is to little. Improve speed on the app, and try to bump that up to 15 - 20.


Online play would be nice to have! Playing with friends is always fun, and a better experience. You could add a block that allows that to happen, and a few more blocks that could determine amount of players, etc.

This is all for now, PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK!


  • I agree with 70% or more of things you said
  • I agree with 50% of things you said
  • I agree with 35% or less of things you said

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@PumpkinGirl, some of this looks familiar🤔


I didn’t copy, other than some of the topic ideas, which I already had.


some cool ideas! :sunglasses:


Yeah these are almost all ideas that I have heard before. But they are mostly good ideas


Yeah, same


descriptions: yes
reviews: possibly…moderation would be hard for tht though. also that example review from magmaPOP seems fishy lol
memory: yes
type code: why not learn a text coding language? they’re so much more powerful than hopscotch


LOL I KNOW! I just made that up randomly

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True, but would be a cool feature!

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What about collabs?


nah because trading drafts exist

why isn’t every suggestion bolder?


I was in a rush.

But imagine working on a collab at the same time. I disagree Nobody

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I’ve seen this on Scratch, and it is really helpful. There is also a credits box there, in order to give credit to people who helped with your project instead of having to put the credits in the project, so I feel this should be implemented as well.

That’s perfect! I just came across that problem about a minute ago. I realized I had a typo in my project, so I had to unpublish then republish, this would be amazing.

Not really sure this part is necessary, but that’s just my opinion.

I tried to do a collab and I found I came across the issues you mentioned plenty of times. If this was implemented, this would be extremely helpful.

This is a good idea, and if this were implemented I feel there should be a report button on a review in case it is off topic or purposefully mean.

Good idea, but a lot of bugs could occur from this.

So, like, multiplayer? I’ve heard this been mentioned a few times, and it’s a good idea just make sure to sbyp.


I agree dem all new ideas are all gr8


Same. They r g8


Huh nice
Though a lot of these are already suggested (and have their own topics)

Lol but there are no leaders in hs lol


“story testing”


“extra balancing”
“testing great”
“balancing art”

It would be fun to mix up the words lol


I think locking code to only certain users would be great
some person I don’t even know took one of my projects, changed one piece of text and published it and tbh I’d rather people ask for permission and not credit me then just remix and credit me
(they did say it wasn’t their own project but they didn’t give credit)