Hopscotch Music?



So, recently, I have been wanting to add music to my games, but I'm not amazing at making it! If someone could give some tips that would be awesome! @Gilbert189 @Follow4LikesOfficial Also, if a song I want to hopscotchify has explicit content, can I make it in Hopscotch or not?


If it has explicit content, don't worry.

What I do, is just give credit to the author of it, or in extreme cases, just YouTube or the domain it was published in.

Also, the only other thing not to do is put lyrics in the song

Otherwise, you're all set :thumbsup:


Awesome! Thanks!
Now I have to figure out the chords.
Do you even call it that with Xylophones? XD


First day of the class, pretty useless now, but it will get harder