Hopscotch Music Club



Okay, so I just had this idea of making a music club! To join all you have to do is fill out this:
Favorite Artist/Band:
Favorite Song:
Favorite Genre:
Link to song you made on hopscotch:
We will eventually make music together on hopscotch!


Favorite Artist/Band: Imagine Dragons
Favorite Song: ROSES- Chainsmokers
Favorite Genre: Pop and Dubstep, some rock
Link to song you make on Hopscotch: Just check my profile, I am on a computer.
I would love to join!!!


Do u really like imagine dragons?


I like their old songs in the Album Night Vision. Like Radioactive and Demons are top 2.




What are you trying to say?


More people who might want to join:


I have like all their songs XD


favorite artist/ band ThisIsTheFatRat thefatrat on newgrounds!
and K.C. and the sunshine band
favorite song: give it up by K.C. and the sunshine band
and monody by thisisthefatrat
monody by thisisthefatrat on newgorunds!

favorite genre pop dubstep techno 8-bit
I don't have da linkie
drop is at 0.52


does yo wike it?


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but you're kidding me^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


It's too bad hopscotch doesn't have an ability to upload your music. All we have are xylaphones.


and it took me like half a hour to get those songs into a mp3 when there not even available for download



Favorite Artist/Band: Vocaloid, specifically Megpoid GUMI and Kagamine Rin
Favorite Song: (changes a LOT, this is the current one) Kakuzetsu Thanatos by Kagamine Rin
Favorite Genre: Hard rock and Vocaloid all the way! And some Nightcore, and some classical.
Link to song: (It was for @Follow4LikesOfficial's contest) https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xr7kb60q5

I'm not a professional at composing music, but I would consider myself rather talented at playing/coding music by ear, without sheet music.


Yeah, I dont use sheet music either

The tune just gets stuck in my head, and once I code it, it stops bugging me
. #magic


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Uploading... Faviorite artist : Fetty wap
Faviorte song:RGF island (by fetty wap)
Faviorte genre: Rap and country



I'm super happy I got you into it! What do you think of it? And what chapter are you on?


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