Hopscotch MP3 Player Collab



I want to make a Hopscotch iPod! (Up to maybe 4 people.) I know, there are phones and iPads, but I want to make an iPod that plays music! We would have to make up a different name and change some design for copyright reasons, but it could be fun! I'm not the most amazing coder ever, but I think I could contribute a bit. So reply if you think you can help! @t1_hopscotch @Valgo @OrangeScent1 @Gilbert189 @MagmaPOP


That could be really cool! Would there be a collab account?


I have a great name for it! The IHop


There should be! I don't have one, but I'll go make one. I'll tell you the name in a second, and the password.


Yes! That is a prefect name!


I'll try to make the actually MP3 Player


Can I help with this collab?




@Sparkczy, can I help with this?


Yep! Anyone can! Turns out I gave the wrong account name, it's ihopcollab.


@Sparkczy I'd love to help <3


Awesome! What's your hopscotch account name? The collab account is up there.


My hopscotch name is Nerd4Ever


The password is holdmedown (sorry. am halsey obsessed. don't listen to her if you don't wanna hear cuss words or suggestive content :grin:


Can I enter the collab? I did an song named Horror, pretty random, but some people liked it, I think.