Hopscotch Misconceptions


This is the topic where you correct misconceptions (reasonable ones) about HS/usernames/other HS-related stuff.

Misconception: Only kids code on Hopscotch.
Truth: Adults (like Funky 63) code on Hopscotch, so it's not just kids.




it's like I'm time traveling @Anonymous




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Misconception: Hopscotch is baby coding.
Truth: Sometimes it can be very hard to make games because of people not understanding the blocks.


True dat


M: Hopscotch is boring

T: It's only boring if you don't talk to anyone, only make simple projects, and give up easily!


M: It is hard to code games.

T: It's not if you watch some videos and stick with it for awhile!


M: Hard work leads to Featured.
T: There's another step and that's spreading the word.


M: Hopscotch isn't real coding, so why bother?
T: Hopscotch introduces you to the basic parts of real programming, which is perfect for a beginner.


M: Hopscotch is worse than Scratch

T: it's your opinion.


M: Math on Hopscotch is hard
T: Not really I depends on how you want to do it
My truth: Idek how @t1_hopscotch does her HSB color picker with all that math


t1 is a her.


Oops sorry :flushed:


It's ok. I just found that out myself a couple weeks ago, because on one of her projects, she said "I'm a girl, just to clarify" or something like that.


M: things that categorise peoplle matter
T: age, ethnicity, religion, age et cetera - none matter. We can all code!


M: My drawings are good


M: My name is really Paydent

T: My name is actually Payden


M: remixing is bad
T: remixing is ok, it's growing the community and helping others possibly learn new tricks and tips


M: PM64 is great
T: PM64 is awesome and an amazhang artist!