Hopscotch MIDI Hack Tool





@THSMC, just look at this, if you haven’t yet. This will be one of the prizes!


i was looking everywhere for this…
n i c e
that we are number one song, though…


i’ve tried it, but it didn’t work. i tried putting in the song from the world’s hardest game, but when i put in the code, the project turned empty… i’m using the latest version of hopscotch. when i looked in the json_projects file, the code was all smushed together, without any enter keys used.


If the project’s JSON isn’t blank, but you get nothing but a white screen when played that most likely means the JSON isn’t recognized by the player. One of your changes might have not been formatted correctly.

The JSON is “all smushed together” to reduce the size of the file. A computer doesn’t need spaces or line returns to read it. Try using a JSON editor/viewer like https://jsoneditoronline.org You can can make changes with it or just use it to confirm the formatting is still readable after you make changes.


hello. I have recently tried to use this tool though I have been having problems, so can anybody help me?


What problems have you been having?


Well the json for the midi is formatted differently though I fixed that but then I saved it and it didn’t even have the custom sound files

  1. Make sure you uploaded a MIDI file

If you just converted a file to MIDI, there might be background noise (extra notes) for no reason, so that may be the cause. Also, Hopscotch notes sound much different and will sound different than the music


Could I use an app instead of my laptop and iTunes? I am unable to access my laptop right now. I don’t know any apps that can do this though.

Edit: Okay nevermind! I figured how to do it, but selecting so much text made the app crash. I guess I’ll do it on my laptop then.