Hopscotch MIDI Hack Tool



@MR.GAM3R what happened to my request?


The song crashed Hopscotch :/ sorry

Actually, it seems to be okay now! Still pretty laggy, but here it is:

I apologise if it doesn't sound right. I think the MIDI file included a drum file which obviously won't work in Hopscotch.


Oooh, I don't know much about MIDI files or anything in general, but does/can your hack tool use the drum sounds in Hopscotch? :hushed:


No not yet, but I do consider on adding it in the future. Might not work for all MIDI files because I think it would be based off the name of the track


I'm not exactly sure how MIDI files work or what you mean by this, but maybe it would be possible to make presets for every possible outcome..? Would it be too tedious of a task?


want you gone from portal 2
since we are number 1 was beautiful :wink:


Hopscotch username: Mr.rex!:wolf:
Song would you like me to hack for you: Nyeh heh heh -Undertale OST
Tag me at @MR.GAM3R so I see your request.


@Mr.rex @hopscotch_king ok your requests coming up! :slight_smile:


Do you think I would be able to have a request? :relaxed: It would just be for fun though, so it's not necessary (I would just be curious to hear how the song sounds in Hopscotch, but I probably would not use it for a project) – so yeah it is not needed :upside_down:


Yeah sure! What song you do want?


Still workin on Nyeh Heh Heh?


@Mr.rex here is your request:


@hopscotch_king here is your request


Really? Okay :smile: thank you! it would just be the Green Hill Zone theme from the Sonic the Hedgehog game :upside_down:


Username: Sweetlina

Song to hack: https://youtu.be/ZssoXYmhX-U

I don't know if this will work sorry


@MR.GAM3R Put my request as lowest priority though :laughing: Do you need a link for the song? (or if it will make it easier at least)


@t1_hopscotch does this website work for you? I tried uploaded a file but nothing happened.

@Sweetlina ok your request is coming. I just a MIDI file for that song.


Hmm okay I will check :D

Actually don't worry about it, you know what – it's not worth it (the idea of having the game theme was appealing to me but the project won't be used for anything. I wouldn't end up using the song anyway) :slight_smile:

@MR.GAM3R I'm so sorry I realise I phrased this^ weirdly before. :sweat: What I meant was, that me having a Hopscotch project with the Green Hill Zone theme would be useless because I wouldn't use it for anything, so I decided it wasn't worth the effort of converting it into a Hopscotch project.


now to make low budget portal 2 ending


tag me when you've made it

i need to see this masterpiece