Hopscotch MIDI Hack Tool



W h E n I S A y " g O " b E R E A d y t O t H r O w

... ok, let's GBOT :stuck_out_tongue:




back to the main purpose of this topic now. ^^;

I'm trying out the hack right now! I hope it works! :D


I see no delete button. Is this for a reason..?


Never mind, I got it!! It worked; this is amazing! :smiley:

Hmm, are there any good songs that stay in the allowed Hopscotch octave? I'd like to try hacking some more songs in; At The Speed of Light didn't work that well, as it was in more than one octave. :p ^^


Right. There isn't any delete button, I just use the keyboard shortcut (hit delete on Mac). Does this also work on Windows?


Yes. On windows you just press 'Delete' on the keyboard.


Thank you. I will add this to the tutorial.

@Paige1212, do you want me to do "Country Road" by John Denver? Is that the right song?


No it's take me home country roads


Ok, here is your request @Paige1212. Because of Hopscotch not being able to handle tons of notes, I had to remove some of the parts. Hope this sounds good. Please let me know if you're happy with it, and if it's not good, why it's not. Thanks


This is so cool! I like that it´s simple to use with great tutorials. Amazing job!


@NeoPixel your request is coming soon. The file is so huge, Hopscotch can't publish it so I need to find a way to reduce the size.


Oh wow :stuck_out_tongue: does it work well? It sounds like it's a really complicated song. :o


I listened to some of it. It's kinda laggy and slow, but still works. I don't really know the original song so I'm not sure how good it sounds compared to it


Here's the original. ^^

Good luck to you comcerning this project :)


You can use https://youtube2midi.github.io/ to convert YouTube links to MIDI! For that YouTube song...


Cool, I will try that out. Thanks

@EpicGamer101 @Valgo , I uploaded a MIDI file and then clicked on the Download button. Nothing happens after that. Am I doing something wrong?


I'm using it right now


@MR.GAM3R I used the website that @EpicGamer101 mentioned to make a MIDI of one of my favorite songs. I don't have any way to share it with you, though. Do you know of a website where you can upload MIDIs, or should I ask Liza for permission to share the file with you on Google Drive?


Dropbox should work.


I finally have fixed the issue with the MIDI hack tool where MIDI files with multiple tracks are played separately one after another, not together as they should be. All files should work as normal now.