Hopscotch MIDI Hack Tool



Hey Hopscotchers!

I am super excited to make this topic today, and share with you guys what I have been working on for the past week or so (just a bit more than a month, if you count earlier versions using Swift). I talked about making this in a topic when I first started working on it, I’m not sure how many people saw it (hint hint @BB-Box), mentioned it a couple times to @Rawrbear and @t1_hopscotch, and now it’s finally ready to be shared with the public.

Now, what is this thing I am talking about? Well, good question. You may know that @BuildASnowman created a Hopscotch “hack”. If you didn’t, it’s basically where you can take any MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) file and turn it into Hopscotch code, which allows you to be able to make complex music pieces in Hopscotch pretty easily. It is really cool, however he made his hack using an app called Mathematica, which costs $150 (the cheapest plan for students). So it wasn’t exactly accessible to everyone, unless you already had the app.

So what I have done is created a Hopscotch MIDI Hack tool using JavaScript. It is in the form of a website, and this tool is accessible to anyone with a computer, an Internet connection and iTunes. It is simple and easy to use, no coding required. It comes with a step-by-step tutorial with images so anyone can do it. And like BAS’s hack, it takes all of the notes, including chords.

Check out the MIDI Hack tool here!

Source for the Hopscotch MIDI hack on Github

Examples of the MIDI Hack

Heathens - twentyønepiløts
Fantaisie Impromptu - F. Chopin
Your Best Friend (Undertale)
Prelude in C minor, BWV 847 does not work in browser
Want You Gone (from Portal 2)
Nyeh Heh Heh from Undertale
We Are Number One (Lazy Town)
More links coming soon…

Taking music requests!

I know there are a lot of Hopscotchers here that do not have access to a computer. Don’t worry, I have got you covered. I will be taking music requests for the first eight people who ask. All you need to do is fill out the form and post it on this topic and I will happily do it for you!

Fill me out for MIDI hack request

Hopscotch username:
Song would you like me to hack for you:
Tag me at @MR.GAM3R so I see your request.

Be sure to choose a song that there is a MIDI file for. You can look for MIDI files on Google, or check out the links below:

MIDI World

Optionally, you can make your own MIDI files using GarageBand if you like!

Enjoy! If you have any questions or need help using the hack tool, please let me know.

What do you think of sound effects/background music?
Hopscotchifying Songs
Downloading art onto hopscotch from other apps?
The Hopscotch Music Club!

When you show me the options I'll pick the song


Use the OMTL maybe!!


The links to the projects are working now.


Go to the links (MIDI World and FreeMidi) or search 'Midi files download' on Google. Browse through and find a song you like.


The free midi link isn't working


Interesting. It works normally for me. https://freemidi.org/


Wow, this is amazing! Totally trying this out asap. :smiley:


For me when I tap on it it slowly loads then stops every time!
But I can access the other one so I will do county roads then


Are you at school right now? It could be your school's web filter that's interfering. It works for me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Country Roads? Okay, I will do that.

Got it @NeoPixel :smiley:


Well this is my school iPad but I'm at home


Yeah I think it is like blocking stuff but in a different way


I don't even use hopscotch anymore and I think it's amazing


Edit: Nevermind, I saw that there needs to be a midi for the song.


This is so awesome!!! Wow, plus having all the instructions too :open_mouth:


I was thinking about this song too, actually :stuck_out_tongue:


N O w L o O K A T T h I S N e T


T h A t I j U s T f O u N d