Hopscotch Math Club


Here we can join the club, talk maths (which is related because it is a HUGE part of coding) and code maths projects.

Form: (you can't be denied, im just interested in who knows stuff like factorial)
HS name:
Do you like maths:
Do you know what Factorial is:
Do you know what a Logarithm is:



A logarithm is a number or quantity representing the power to which a fixer number or the base must be resisted to give a certain number or answer
And a factorial is...gee I forgot, lemme check my workbook one sec
Edit: it's the product or answer of an integer and all the integers below that integer
Idk if I'm right but I think I'm close


Whats your hs username though


I'm gifted, I know dis stud and I'm only going to fourth grade
My mom was smart enough to get into Harvard same with my dad but they were poor and could afford it
We aren't anywhere near poor now doe


Don't judge mah name for da essaquire POTATOE that CHANKINSTIEN AND MALTSY MADE


Give me some Algeria problems to solve XD
But make then small ones like very small ones


Whats the square root of 9?


Oh algebra


Would u like to make an A.I. topic?
I'd get 20 likes and no replies if I made the topic.


If Sin(y) x cos (x) is 0
Then x=
Hint: multiple answers


ok but for me i will get 3 likes and 5 replies


3 unless u mean the square of nine which is 81


whats -3 x -3?????????????????


I know a answer but I can't write it so ill get a photo


9 I need more paper :0


Idk that one I tryed but I can't solve dat :frowning:


Y x X = 0
Y can be any number, X can be any number But at least X or Y must be 0


OH dat make sense....


So the square root of 9 is -3
you said 3 was the square root before


Oh no wait. Dat would be -9 right XD
I'm not the best a square root
I'm so stupi.d