Hopscotch March Madness Team Captain Meeting Topic (FIRST EVENT TODAY, POSTED HERE)



Continuing the discussion from Hopscotch March Madness (Do Not Put This On Watching):

[size=25]Attention all Team Captains: This is where we discuss the teams and the games. Judges can join the chat, too. Tags: @Gilbert189, @Valgo, @OrangeScent1, @UptownStudios, @LotsaPizza.[/size]

ALL TEAMS (except for @OrangeScent1's team, The Prickly Hedgehogs, who come in in the second event)(@Gilbert189, your team needs a name) have to make something with leave-a-trail block art—and DON'T do it on a drawing pad or your team loses the game and is disqualified.

The Giraffes Are Humans Too win against The Cool Kidz.
The Uptown Coders win in their practice round.
Team Delta G wins in their practice round.
The Prickly Hedgehogs win in their practice round.
The Team People win against The Golden Dunks, (because The Team People made a topic and showed that they wanted to win) even though neither made a project in time.

ALL REMAINING TEAMS must make a project with Pixel Art in it. @UptownStudios, you have a problem. You have until Friday, April 9, to give me the link to your fully finished project. On Saturday, April 10, we will judge to decide the winning teams. Winning teams will be announced on Sunday, April 11.
TAGS: @OrangeScent1, @Gilbert189, @UptownStudios, @Valgo, and @LotsaPizza.

Giraffes Are Humans Too Team Collab! 𓃱

Ok, I'm sorry for intruding, but when are we supposed to start?


Tomorrow :D

Saturday I think :P


Saturday, 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time is when I give the teams the first challenge.


Oh, yikes! I better get ready!


Ok. When we loose maybe we should go into the NITS or something. I'm stuck in an airport, when it rains here, it practically floods.


Are we allowed to do a clones thing with instant leave a trail things?


@LotsaPizza, @GrizTheBear and @DunKinDooNuts, @Valgo, @StRiKe_Charler123 (your team was empty), your teams were merged together (couldn't edit topic, it was too glitchy) because they were under the minimum limit of players, sorry.


Sure, just anything with Leave A Trail, just not a drawing (drawing pads will only give you a smaller chance of winning).


No. Sorry, then. Someone else can take my place, then. I AM NOT MERGING.


I never saw this! Oh well!
:laughing: That's (probably :joy:) not our name.
Why does @OrangeScent1's team come in late?


No, we're doing this event.... Just that my team members are doing it instead of me because my iPad broke


I think your team should be fine, I mean, you had the minimum.


What's going on with judging?