Hopscotch March Madness Judging Topic



Continuing the discussion from Hopscotch March Madness (Do Not Put This On Watching):

Attention all judges: We will discuss the winning projects HERE and ONlY HERE. Tags: @tankt2016, @MYD, @Qubertion, @SmileyPanda, @IntelligentScooter, @MobCraft

Round 1
The Giraffes Are Humans Too win against The Cool Kidz.
The Uptown Coders win in their practice round.
Team Delta G wins in their practice round.
The Team People win against The Golden Dunks, (because The Team People made a topic and showed that they wanted to win) even though neither made a project.


OK. My first invite!!!


Wow. I once invited myself. Okay, this is where we will judge the winning projects.


Are the teams working on it? And do you know ig-pay atin-lay?


Ig-pay atin-lay? No, whatever/whoever that is, no. And there are no challenges—yet.


It's pig Latin. You take the first letter, put it at the end, then add ay after the moved letter. Asy-eay easy


Because obviously the teams will look at this so we need to speak in code


Kay-oay. (Okay). Still, it's hard to understand, may not want to use it for judging. But we should definitely use pig Latin so they don't spy, but it is hard to understand…@Intelligentscooter, I thing it's okay for the, to know.


Do you know any code? Wow! This sounds so much like I'm a secret agent!


Hopscotch code, get it?
We shouldn't use a code, it's time-wasting. Plus it's okay if the team players see what we're talking about, they just can't tell anyone.


To know? Typo. :thinking: To


:stuck_out_tongue::joy:. Filling space ttttttt


Yeah, when we're discussing the winners i think we should use ig-pay atin-lay


No, we shouldn't. Pig Latin is to hard to understand for me, maybe Happyish, the language @AHappyCoder created? He can teach us it.


And I haven't fully invented it :confused:


Oh, well, how do you do it, basically?


Um, you can write "you" as

There is no real translation, it only works if the person that you are talking to can understand a very large number of combinations.


I think it's okay if contestants see what we are saying. Eventualy the contestants are going to know who the winner is, they would just find out a couple minutes earlier.
Plus I don't think any of the contestants would look if we nicely ask them not to.


If you guys would be more comfortable knowing the contestants cant know what we are saying we could make a hopscotch account called Judges where we could chat back and forth in the drafts section.


Well, what of a judge says one team isn't the winner of a game, someone sees it, and tells their team? Then the team makes a version 2.0 of their game for a better chance? Anyway, we should do @Intelligentscooter's idea of using Scootercode (great idea!).