Hopscotch March Madness 2019 Judges Topic un⁣read SECRET


…was the title supposed to be invisible? Cuz i can see it…




Btw hi!



Man I don’t want to leave this summer…


Wait you’re leaving this summer?


Well I’m going to sleep away camp for 3 weeks and idk if ill come back

CoM’s GT! Welcome! (CoM is awesome -GweTV) Thanks I’ll let myself in -mc24 Bananas are tasty and I post the word a lot. -Hopscotcher Petrichor rules all! -Tv CoM is absolutely amazing -Apricity and we love CoM -HH CoM is the best girlie -JACG

I’d have to go with my rubric. The read time almost perfectly aligned to the draw time for me for the pixel art, and the game’s controls felt a little unfair, as I couldn’t move out of the way


@TheDeliciousOrange @GameCodingCrazy123 @Stylishpoopemoji33 you know your votes will be ignored, right? Cuz you’re not the judges.


Yup. Just wanted to see if u noticed.


Oh no! I forget to judge the projects… sorry, sorry, sorry! I have had many things going on the latest few days. I voted for the poll, and if you need my scores too, feel free to ask! Once again, I´m so sorry.


Well it looks like we lost


It’s ok!