Hopscotch lovers club



This is a club for people who loves hopscotch you can join if you can make fuzzy draw ,scrollable website, fruit ninja or a drawing pad.


I will love it if you are in phase company orMC37K and love if @MagmaPOP .
@Ihasfluffycupcakes will come in .


No anyone? (20 characters)


Sure, I'll join! I can do all of them! :smile: Curious, are you sponsoring us in a way? :smile::smile::smile:

EDIT: "Us" as in MK37C, I am the leader! :smiley:


Password and username is Hopscotch lovers


And you can be the co-leader


Ok I'll join! (20 characters)


Can I join?hhhhhnnnj


@Phase_Studios You can join! @Ihasfluffycupcakes I am following you :yum:, and you reach the requirements, so you can join! Go here


yo peoples i would love to join yo seem like wonderful people and it is fine if you say no


Do you meet the requirements?


2020202020202020 characters!!!


Cool! You're in! Go here


ok cool I cant use my iPad today and then when I get it back I have to go trick or treating :cry:
and btw i'm 10 almost 11 and since we are allowed to share first names i'm Lucy or lulu
Thanks so much
PS i am not on hopscotch very often!


Ok then! (If you really wan't mine, I'm Nick :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


I once wanted to be your friend or chat with you I don't know how you can be amazing at making staff on hopscotch.


Members are
Me (on hopscotch marvels marvel)
@Rawrbear @Ihasfluffycupcakes @Isaacwotwot @Fifithefunnyflower @Phase_Studios @glow12


Can I join? :grinning:


Do you meet the requirements?


@glow12can you meet all the requirements?