Hopscotch logout incident!



Today, I was logged out of my Hopscotch account! Whenever I tried to log in, I was sent back to the home screen and it didn’t work! Could you please help?

Urgent bug with accounts not syncing

Here I am, only to find out that I was logged out.

Here I am, trying to log in.
Here is what happens after I try to log in.


@Ducks_Happy @Kayro @yaygirls @fizzy_27 @William04GamerA Somebody please help!


Try again, then again, check ur WiFi, then try again, then maybe emall THT


Thanks. I fixed the wifi, but then I tapped “Get Started”. At first I thought it was a mistake, but it safely returned me to my account!

Please Send Help


that’s quite wierd.


Hmmm like @Kayro said try again if that don’t work than make a new account log out and see what happens?


she fixed it.

so yeah


wait, they said that its fixed now


whos bobby


What? (Oh so u think u can just stalk my posts doncha! Welll than)


Oh sorry I didn’t see I just so notifications so I clicked and answered


The same exact thing happened to me!


yee its fine i just wanted to let ya know


It already worked, so your suggestion is useless.


I don’t think she knew that, she was trying to help


Maybe they should’ve looked back at the conversation.


Well, maybe they should’ve, but still don’t call their help useless.


It was the best term I found for it…


Oh, okay