Hopscotch Loading Screen List





Woah. I have always been wondering about how many loading screen messages Hopscotch has. And that’s a lot! Thank you for making and putting this list together :slight_smile:


Noooo problemo!
Still working on it, I wonder how many there actually are hmm :thinking:


Not veins alone, I would be inclusive if the descendants of the aorta too (arteries)
Capillaries make up most of the length because as you know they connect to many tiny fragments such as alveolus to allow for gas exchange and enforce cellular respiration.

I’m a bit offended
You probably saw a detailed report on the anatomy and physiology of gastroenterology and hepatology that I wrote myself. I was actually going to write one on the cardiovascular anatomy and physiology, inclusive of the closely related pulmonology.

By the way the ‘circulatory’ is not the professional way of saying it so when I mention ‘cardiovascular’ it’s the same thing. Cardio - heart, vascular. - vessels.

I will write up a report on this.
I will include
2 atria
2 Ventricles
Superior and inferior vena cava
Pulmonary veins and arteries
Bucuspid valve
Tricuspid valve
Aortic valve
Pulmonary valve
Tendons called the papillary muscles
Chordinae tendineae
Parts of the heart like apex
Blood vessels

Nasal cavity
Oral cavity
Larynx (voice box)
Capillaries and gas exchange
Cellular respiration

O2 + C6H12O6 = Energy (byproducts, H20 [vapour] and CO2)


Oop why are we arguing about this
I was just copying down what THT wrote, I’m just trying to make a list


If anyone can find a loading screen that I missed, I’ll give you a prize



Cool topic! This one is my favorite:


Haha thanks :joy:
That one’s great :joy: My other favorite is:

“We we’re going to tell you a joke about time traveling, but you didn’t like it”


I like
At Africa we give our dead batteries away, free of charge.


When Hopscotch autocorrects to Africa


When Africa autocorrects to Jamaica

The State of the Forum (Feb 2018)

When Jamaica autocorrects to jaguar


Yeah that one is awesome too :joy::laughing:


Hehe yeah, these Loading texts are so awesome :joy:
I wonder if there are any more, or if those 107 are it :thinking:


Me too, I also wonder if they are ever planning to add more :000 :DDD


I know, right! I wish they had more of those contests

I was thinking of making a new topic with ideas for more loading screen text hmm :thinking:


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No one did anything fun to read yet


Yeah, they should do another one for Hopscotch’s birthday or something, that would be cool! And yee you should make that topic :DDD


Okeedokes! I’ll do some stuff!

Hopscotch’s bday is on April 4th?
5th anniversary wowowowowo!


Yee wowowowowow! XD :D
Really though we should suggest another loading screen contest to them :000 ;)))