☞Hopscotch links



In this topic you can share your favourite links to use when hopscotching!

(Like HSB-color pickers, copy-paste-emojis etc.)


@William04GamerA Hsb color picker: www.color-hex.com Copy-paste emojis: www.copypastecharacter.com
@Dude73Hsb color picker: http://www.rapidtables.com/web/color/RGB_Color.htm
@Bubbles4Ever929 Hsb color picker (on Hopscotch): https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xckp4ipqw
@UptownStudios Hsb color picker: http://rgb.to/
@Rawrbear Hsb color picker: http://colorizer.org
@SUPERSWAGGY Hsb color picker from image: http://www.colorcodepicker.com
@AmazingAlphaAquaWolf Hsb color picker from image: http://imagecolorpicker.com/
Post your link here:

HSB color list - add your own color!
Recommend Apps or Websites Good for Coding!
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This is my favorite HSB color picker,


Thanks, that is quite useful!!!


This is a great color picker! I also like:


I use the one on hopscotch



A great color picker too!


I use this http://rgb.to/keyword/6843/1/dark-purple


Okay, it´s hard to explain, but i will try:
Drag out a "Leave a trail block". Tap the color bubble and it will open a color menu. But there´s more colors! The color code for the colors is called HSB. You can find hsb color codes online or in the hopscotch app (serach for hsb colors). Copy and the hsb code (Hsb(,,*). *= any number.)
Then you need to paste it, by pressing your finger on the color bubble until "Paste" will come up. Tap "paste" and you are done!


Great! I will add it!



Okay, so i´m starting i poll.

Which Hsb color picker is best?

  • Color-hex
  • Rapidtables
  • The color picker on hopscotch
  • colorizer
  • rgb.to



There's a really, really nice HSB picker here! :smiley:



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I knew it before, one of my favourites!


Yes,it is!

Maybe someone can explain it better?!


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Still out of likes!! That deserves loads of likes! Struggle of life


I use this to get the HSBs of pictures


Don´t forget to vote, i will publish the link to the best color picker in hopscotch, but i need more votes! Can we reach 30?


Here's a link for finding HSB colors from images. It's kinda like @SUPERSWAGGY's link.



Let's make this topic active again.