Hopscotch Layout




I've seen people have some sort of new Hopscotch layout.

(Photo credit to @HoppingBanana)

But I have an old and less modern layout.

Did I not update correctly??


I think it is iPhone maybe?


Or it was an earlier update?


These seem correct! [insert thinking emoji here]


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Do you use an iPad mini?


Nope, an iPad Air 2. Do you have the newer layout?


Nope the second is the modorn one! the top one is the old one!


Nope i have the update from last year :frowning:
Introducing sounds

I use an iPad Air


The first image is an old hopscotch update. The second one is newer.


Ok, so I do have the newest update. Phew! :sweat_smile:


Yeah this is from...yeesh, was it before the accounts update?


I saw @HoppingBanana's photo in a post in August, and it was a screenshot. Was it later too?


What photo? (20 characters)


The photo I found. Here is the link to the post:


I think that's from the same update


Which update?



The old one before they changed the format


Obviously :yum:



But yeah, a couple months ago or so it looked like that. Instead of a drop-down menu it had a list of sections you can scroll. You could tap the little + next to an avatar to follow them. And obviously it was 3 projects per row instead of 2. The HT changed it to look cleaner and you could see art easier. When the beta team got the beta with the new layout we were like "WHAT."

Edit: And you could see how many remixes it has. I wonder how many ToT has...(I know a lot, because technically it is a remix of my project all of those remixes go into the Remixes of My Projects tab)