Hopscotch Layout like Instagram?


I don't have IG myself, but the layout is so elegant and beautiful! I think Hopscotch's layout is a little bulky, and it's kind of hard not to tap the "upload" button when liking a super awesome project.

So, I think it should look a little more like Instagram, (not because I favor it I don't even have it lol) because it's really beautiful and simple, and liking things is way easier. (Just a double tap.)

This is just a suggestion!


First like and reply!


I agree! I don't have Instagram, but I've seen pictures or it and the layout is so clean and simple!


What features do you mean, other than liking?


OHHH! I like this idea! @Liza @Rodrigo @asha


I agree, @Snoopy!:grinning::grinning::grinning:


I just want the old layout back but I don't know how that would work on phones


I agree I don't have ig though my bro does


Let's just keep Hopscotch Hopscotch and Instagram Instagram


@Snoopy you should make a poll


I think hopscotch was designed for kids so the vibrant colours and simplicity appeals to them more than an elegant and sophisticated design. I'm not saying that it would look bad I just think the current layout is more suitable and appealing to the target age group.


Well, I think it doesn't have to be exactly like IG, but I think the layout should be sort of like it, and the profiles could look like that, because I really admire the simplicity.
The most important thing is how easy it is to like something quickly.


I like the idea of double tapping– it would be much easier to like a project! I have IG so one time I accidentally did that on HS and ended up clicking on the project instead of liking it​:joy:

EDIT: I also really like the elegant look of IG


Yeah, I always click the upload button whenever I try to like a project!
The IG method is way easier.