Hopscotch Latin Topic!


I've been seeing people make language topics.

This topic was not inspired, I didn't make it until now. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know Latin? Take it at school, or just know it?

Latin is a very useful language, and 60% of English is derived from it.

In this topic, I do not expect you to type in Latin, but you may.
Since Latin is a dead language and requires lots of thinking to write sentences, this topic will mainly be about facts you know about Latin!

This will be hopscotch related, as I will make a project about Latin sententiae soon.

Please don't use google translate!

It messes things up and doesn't really work for this language.


Hopscotch School of Latin!
Hopscotch School of Latin!
Hopscotch School of Latin!

Salve! :3


Salve! I take Latin at school!


Salve! Quomode es?

Learnt it briefly


(What does that mean again?)


quid agis
That's all I know


Est the greeting!


salve is the singular form for "Hello"
salvete is the plural form, which is used if you are talking to more than one person


Hey, do any of you take the National Latin exam?



Famous phrases: cogito ergo sum! rip, sos, etc and so on




I have Latin 3 times a week. it's super boring. Right now we're working on reflexive pronouns.


I took it this year! I got 34/40 xD
my first year in Latin so :0


Me school doesn't teach Latin. Only Spanish and French, and that's for the 8th graders :slight_frown:


Actually English is derived from German, not Latin. Bracaos mias vecinnini!!!


Hey that's really good! I got a 38/40, but this is my 3rd year, so it makes sense.
I was really mad because I wanted a perfect paper, and last year I got a 39/40 on my first year taking it. I wanted to beat that :I
Anyway, you sound really good! That's amazing for your first year! I bet you'll have a perfect paper next year or the year after!

Hey, we probably took the same test, Introduction to Latin?


German is uilt up from mostly Greek and Latin too lol




yeah. half of the things my teacher didn't teach xD
so I went on a guessing rampage


YAYAYA I know Latin!