Hopscotch Languages!


I sometimes see other users talk in _other languages _. Now, I don't mean Spanish, or Japanese. I mean things like daaaaaaankkkk meme! So here you can put you HS languages, with a brief description and definition of it! Let's get started!


UNISH: spoken by Unicorn Potatoes. The alphabet in Unish is the English alphabet with "apa" on the end of each letter, or just "pa" (and occasionally another letter) if it's a vowel. Not yet introduced to the forum

LOVETATO: This is spoken by Potatos. Lovetato is when a Potato falls in love with something or someone. The word "lovetato" comes from the Greek word "potato". Not yet introduced to the forum.


Awesome! :D

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The things not working REALLY SYSTEM


Cool topic but it's quite similar to this topic made by me...

Be sure to SBYP and all that :wink:


Oh, I'm so sorry! I've seen that topic before, though, and I thought it was about all the languages you kahnow. :0


It is but some random other languages have been added anyway (@MagmaPOP added Martian :joy:)