Hopscotch Kindess: Gift rewarded to good deeds on hopscotch!



Awesome. I'm so happy that you found time to write just for them. I love how you wrote-

It truly is a quote.


Cool! @creativecavoodle, thats why i chose you.


Sure I don't mind, thanks for asking to make sure. :blush:


Cool, thanks :D

I had a weird dream that you said no and that you were really mad at me :00


******gets no adwards********

********does not deserve an award. Plef ignore this********


It's been awhile since I last photo edited XD

Anyways, congratulations @lollypopcorn!


XD I love the layout


I nominate @Gobli09 for being so helpful and such a happy person to work with! We seem to have the same interests, so we can't seem to be apart on the forum for too long... she tolerates me just fine :wink:
But in all reality, she really is a nice person overall.


Aww thank you so much!
(And no problem! ;) )


what am I being nominated for...?


Wait sorry wrong person. I'm typing on an iPad now, do its kind of hard. You're nice anyways, though.


Oh, it's okay :stuck_out_tongue:


That looks awesome! That splits the work in half for both of us!


Yep, and thanks! I would like your post but I'm out of likes, so here :heart:


Can u get a limit of likes?


Yeah, I think after giving about 150 or so you run out for an hour or two.


This is just something I wanted to post lol
Hi @MiNi!


This one is for @GravityFaller, more are coming from @MiNi, @DECODECO and I




Thanks again XD it's awesome