Hopscotch Kindess: Gift rewarded to good deeds on hopscotch!



Hi Guys, this is an awards page.
List the name of a hopscotcher that you think has done good deeds and a few will be chosen for an award and shoutout.
If chosen these hopscotcher will be given a certificate made by my uncle who is a professional invite maker!


She's very nice. She's a very talented drawer and a great friend. PB is modest, but not shy, and helpful. She helped me a lot when I was making my 6th featured "Smiley Bounce", it's kind of her 1st featured. I think she deserves a shoutout! :D
(more coming soon)


She is a very kind HS and forumer. She helps people in a kind way. She is also awesome in coding! She deserves an award.




Thank you so much!! That means a lot to me! Again, thank you!! :)

You are very kind and a great Hopscotcher too elfy!!! :D


Thanks so much! I will get my uncle to make one for u too!


Well i live in new zealand, so that will take a VERY long time to post. (8esides, my name is homestuckLiker)


A super nice and awesome Hopscotcher that is nice, helpful and makes really good projects!


Thank you!
I was going to nominate you here, but I wasn't sure if this was a nominating thing..


@MiNi and @KayKat! They are both amazing, generous, funny, helpful, and kind


@candycane and @Waffle_Draws and @AvocadoDont are amazing people who deserve this. They are the role models of hopscotch:)


woah wow I wasn't expecting this!! thank you @DMF, you're amazing.

@DMF, an outstanding coder (with too many features that I cannot count lol) and nonetheless, a great friend! Always happy, and a really fun person to talk to. :D


Thanks so much senpai! :D
*10 featured for now. Possibly 11 in a few days because I've got 5 nominations on my newest game "Catch the Snowflakes!" :DDD
Edit: 11 featured now :D


she is just a fantabulous person.
She is phennominal at code, a kind person in general, and a great role model


@Houseelf87 for the award


Here is the first one for @PandaBlossom. Not everyone will get one so don't get upset.


@sophia71205 was my first forum friend. She is truly a special person. Her kindness is infinite, and is one of the main reasons I look forward to visiting the forum every day. She is always there to support me and many others. She really deserves this award. Sophia is compassionate and loyal, always there to stand up for her friends and what she believes, even if that may come at her own cost.
@MiNi is the BEST. She is super generous, and would make a fantastic leader. She is an amazing friend, even though she has gone through some tough times, she never let that stop her. She is a role model to all, although she's much too modest to admit it. She is a fierce and fantastic friend, and one of the few people who has mastered the art of being honest, respectful, and kind all at the same time.
@FearlessPhoenix has been going through some stuff, but even though she probably has it worse than me, she's always supported me too. FP truly is a Phoenix. She has had so many ashes to fall to, yet the number of times she has been destroyed doesn't stop her from coming back stronger than ever, always there for everyone else, even when her own body is engulfed in flames.


@CreativeCavoodle could I make certificates too? I love to photo edit and I've made some certificates like yours :D


If I were an emotional person, I would be crying right now. Tysm!



Thank you @KayKat, @sophia71205, and @A.K_Studios46! I will write more about you guys later!